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    God is moving a whole nation.

    An Opportunity to Help Move a Whole Nation Toward God!

    Ukraine is the most fertile field for the Gospel out of all the nations of the former Soviet Union. The current Ukraine conflict has resulted in a multitude of displaced refugees, broken families and orphans. In the midst of the devastation and loss that has plagued this country, the hearts of the Ukrainian people are open and seeking truth, peace, and hope. Several long-term ministries in Ukraine believe that there is as much and probably more opportunity in Ukraine today than after the collapse of communism.


    Richard and Denise Baggett have worked in ministry for over 30 years – with 20 years focused on Eastern Europe, mostly Ukraine. R&D understands the communities, the people and the culture, and they have witnessed the devastation that has impacted this nation.  God’s power is rising up through the tragic circumstances and they are ready to answer His call to continue spreading the good news in Ukraine.


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